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St. Joseph's Convent, Castries, St Lucia 


Sr. Rufina Donat, Community Leader, Principal at SJC, Castries

Sr. Claire Joseph, Retired Principal

Sr Paula Andrew, Community Leader, Catechist - Castries



 Founded: 1854

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St. Joseph's Convent, Portsmouth, Dominica


Sr. Maria Clarke, Assistant, Emmaus Centre

Sr. Rose Leon, Teacher

Founded: August 1993

Closed: August 2009

Re-Opened - Jan 8th 2014

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We are celebrating 175 years of Presence in the Caribbean... Read more


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Rebuilding La Madeleine Orphanage in Haiti. visit


Friendly Ear
The Sisters at Lourdes House welcome you to their online EAR. Write to them at


Tobago Retreat Centre
St. Joseph's Convent Secondary School is being converted to a Retreat and Holistic Development Centre ....