Education at Different Levels


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Education has been at the core of the Cluny philosophy since the beginning.  Ever since the early days in Paris when Mother Javouhey fought through poverty and public unrest to establish a small school for the poor in the Rue du pont de Lodi, it was clear that education would be a major avenue through which our congregation would seek to fulfill the holy will of God.  At one point Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey declared “It is nine years since the Lord made known to me in an extraordinary but certain way that He was calling me to the state I have embraced, to instruct the poor and educate orphans”.  The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny in the Caribbean have carried on this proud tradition by offering their services at every level of the education system.  From preschool to university, Sisters have been using their spirituality to positively impact the lives of others.


Adult Education

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Primary School

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Secondary School

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