Visit to Haiti

In response to the earthquake on January 12, 2010 that caused widespread devastation in Haiti, our Provincial, Sr Juliana Alexander sent a medical team comprising of a doctor and two of our Sister nurses to help the Sisters in Port au Prince.

The Team Dr. Paula Henry, Sr. Vertly Neptune & Sr. Esther Maharaj



The Team arrived in Port au Prince on March 15, 2010.  Scenes like this are every where - piles of rubble where once there were seemingly strong buildings



The orphanage was due to be opened in September. The Sisters who were to run the orphanage were already assigned and were due to occupy the building in March. Work on this building had been ongoing for some ten years to date.



A view of the sky line. Buildings that have just toppled

over or caved in.



For most, home is a 'lean-to' covered with a tarpaulin sheet.

One of the buildings, a bit shaky but standing, is the clinic run

by the Sisters.  Next to it is a building reduced to rubble.



The team went into action immediately.  Their primary task - organise the medicines in the dispensary.



The Sisters run a 'no-pay' clinic where the sick come to see the doctor and receive medication when available.  While there, the nurses Sisters Vertly and Esther, helped the doctors by taking vitals, dressing wounds, dispensing medications, allowing the doctors more time to see more patients. In spite of the language barrier, Dr Paula saw quite a number of patients.  Sister Anne Finnegan, a Medical Missionary Sister is in Haiti for 6 months, and continues to run the clinic.





The people have migrated from other areas and have set up their tents where ever there's an open space. What work is available?  What activities are the children engaged in while school is out?  How can we respond?




Our team returned home on March 30 with heavy hearts, for the big question remains - What can we do to improve the quality of life for so many?

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